3 thoughts on “1996-2005

  1. Hello Kate, writing to you from the UK. Your project sounds excellent – a valuable contribution to your university archives and community. If you take it forward, I may be able to provide information placing the creation of Bryn Mawr’s labyrinth in 1998-99, in a wider context; this would support Bryn Mawr’s in-house article by the creator of the labyrinth, MacBride Scholar Jeanne-Rachel Salomon (Risks on the Path, http://www.brynmawr.edu/alumnae/bulletin/mcbride1.htm#salomon).
    I am editor of ‘Learning with the Labyrinth: Creating Reflective Space in Higher Education’ (Sellers and Moss, eds; Palgrave, 2016) and would be glad to share info about the contemporary surge of interest in labyrinths on university campuses (Bryn Mawr was one of the earliest).
    I would also like to ask if I might use your project title illustration in a presentation I’m giving soon, if you would be willing to share it. Would you let me know, and if interested, reply offline? Many thanks!


  2. Hi Kate, thanks for your reply. Would you be willing to send me, by email, a copy (e.g. pdf or jpeg file) of your project image – the labyrinth with text over it? I would like to use this in forthcoming presentations to represent Bryn Mawr student awareness of/engagement with the labyrinth. No worries if this is not convenient but I thought I’d ask. All the best!


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